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Who can approach the Ombudsman for Children and Youth?
  • Any child or adolescent aged under 18;
  • Parents or legal guardians of a minor whose rights have been violated;
  • Any third party maintaining personal relations with the child or adolescent.


  • All institutions or associations caring for children or adolescents can seek advice on implementing children’s rights.


Every child or adolescent has rights. Everyone should be aware of these rights so they are better upheld and every young person is heard.

The OKaJu can intervene on its own initiative in situations where the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is not correctly applied.

The OKaJu can be contacted via the form below, by phone, by email, or by written request sent by mail.

No prior conditions are necessary.

283 73635

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  • A meeting is scheduled upon request. During this meeting, the OKaJu listens and, if necessary, identifies practices or actions that violate the rights of the child or adolescent.
  • Following the meeting, the OKaJu provides advice for better implementing children’s rights. It assesses whether the best interest of the child has been respected in a given situation.
  • With the agreement of the initiating party, a file can be opened after the meeting. The OKaJu intervenes by, for example, inviting the other involved individual or legal entity to express their viewpoint.
  • The aim of the intervention is typically an amicable settlement between the parties involved.
  • The stakeholders collaboratively consider changes or adjustments to practices that are contrary to the best interests of the child or adolescent.
  • If, after a thorough and impartial review, no agreement is reached, the OKaJu can make recommendations to solve the issue within a set timeframe.
  • A recommendation following an individual complaint can be published anonymously if it has a broader relevance.


The OKaJu is neither a judge nor a court. It does not make decisions but offers recommendations based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).